Office Closed from 12 Noon on Tues 14th Jan

Due to essential electrical maintenance, the office will be closed from 12 noon on Tuesday 14th Jan. This will mean that we will be unable to answer telephone calls or emails during this time. It also means that we will also be unable to answer support tickets either. This is because the office electrical supply must be switched off for essential work to be carried out safely.

This will also affect our network, as it will take time for our networked systems to properly recover after this maintenance window is completed. There could be a delay  of up to 30 minutes, before core systems at our office recover after  the power is restored. (This will not affect Airsuite or on air services) Our IT Team will be on hand, throughout tomorrow evening; should there be any issues.

Additionally this will also mean that The A – Z List will be a repeated episode this week.

If you need to contact us urgently during this time, please contact us via Facebook, or you can contact us via the usual methods, but this will mean that calls, emails and tickets will not be responded to until the following day.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Server Reboot Scheduled For This Evening (Completed)

Summary of Work: Reboot of Server:
Impacted Audience: General Public, Station Staff
Impact of Work: Low
Event Start: 26-02-2019 | 23:55
Estimated Event End: 27-02-2018 | 00:00 GMT
Duration of Event: Approx: 5 minutes
Affected Systems: Primary Web Server, Mail Server, FTP Server, MySql Services

We will be performing a planned reboot on our primary server: this evening at 23:55. This planned maintenance will result in our website, email system and databases being unavailable for approx: 5 minutes, while the server reboots. We are performing this reboot, as we have updated the system software that runs on the server and a reboot is needed to apply these updates to the server Operating System.

There is a 20% chance the server may crash, while applying updates to the Operating System.  Due to this, we’ve made our host aware of this maintenance window, should the server crash and require a hard reboot.

The station will remain on air and this reboot does not affect our Broadcast Server.

Sorry for the Inconvenience.

Advisory: Major Website Maintenance (Completed)

Summary of Work: Website Housekeeping, to resolve a number of issues.
Impacted Audience: General Public, Shout Radio Staff
Impact of Work: Low
Event Start: 06/11/2018 15:00  GMT
Estimated Event End: 01-07-2019
Event Duration:
Affected Systems: Public Website

Our Website Development Team are currently working on tidying up the website. This will be happening for the next few weeks and include:

  • Removing out of date content
  • Reformatting the website menu structure, to make navigating the website easier
  • Re-creating the missing Development Blog
  • creating Show Pages for all the shows aired
  • Creating Bio Pages for all Shout Volunteers
  • Fix the Contact The Studio Link

This means that some pages may not work correctly, while this work is being carried out and in addition, links you have bookmarked, may not work.

At all times, the player will continue to operate, which means that you will still be able to access the main homepage and be able to tune into the station, while this essential maintenance is carried out.

If you have any questions, please feel free to log a Support Ticket.

Thank you