Server Reboot Scheduled For This Evening (Completed)

Summary of Work: Reboot of Server:
Impacted Audience: General Public, Station Staff
Impact of Work: Low
Event Start: 26-02-2019 | 23:55
Estimated Event End: 27-02-2018 | 00:00 GMT
Duration of Event: Approx: 5 minutes
Affected Systems: Primary Web Server, Mail Server, FTP Server, MySql Services

We will be performing a planned reboot on our primary server: this evening at 23:55. This planned maintenance will result in our website, email system and databases being unavailable for approx: 5 minutes, while the server reboots. We are performing this reboot, as we have updated the system software that runs on the server and a reboot is needed to apply these updates to the server Operating System.

There is a 20% chance the server may crash, while applying updates to the Operating System.  Due to this, we’ve made our host aware of this maintenance window, should the server crash and require a hard reboot.

The station will remain on air and this reboot does not affect our Broadcast Server.

Sorry for the Inconvenience.